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GU10 LED Bulb incredibly dangerous product

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This GU10 LED spotlight is marketed as giving a lot of light at low cost, but the adverts don’t mention that it’s an incredibly dangerous product! When you hold the metal casing to insert the light, there’s a 50% chance that live mains will be within a few microns of the casing. Since there’s no earth, you have no protection from that charge.

Basically, using this product is equivalent to playing Russian roulette with 240v AC mains. LED products are safer on balance, but products like this give the technology a bad name. Steer clear, the money saved isn’t worth the risk of harming yourself, your employees or your family.

Given the risks associated with shoddy LED products, it’s essential to purchase safe, high-quality products rather than buying from cheap providers who skimp on safety. TForce LED enforces tough safety standards so we can guarantee that our products are high-quality and 100% safe.

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LED 2D lamp

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LED 2D Lamp


The LED 2D lamp has a directional beam angle which means that it is more efficient than the 2D compact fluorescent lamp because all the light is cast outwards where it needs to be and not backwards into the light fitting resulting in loss of efficiency. The light level in the space will be much higher than the traditional 2D compact fluorescent lamp. This will inherently give much better illumination and efficiency.

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