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tForceLED Adjustable Microwave Motion Sensor + Light Control T8 Tube

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The New tForceLED Smart PIR Motion Sensor T8 Fluorescent Tube

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The tForce Smart PIR Motion Sensor LED Tube fits into your exiting fluorescent T8 light fixtures Simply replace the tube and starter and you’re done! It is an ideal lighting solution for areas such as car-parks, corridors and storage areas. How do you position the sensors in all areas so people don’t accidentally get left in the dark at their car? The Smart LED Tube addresses this issue by distributing the sensor technology to each and every light bulb. This way lights are only on in the areas which are actually occupied. Installer can pre program the Time Delay, Lux Level and also rotate the endcap to make sure the lighs are only on the correct areas. Compared to conventional fluorescent tubes, the tForce Smart T8 LED Tube with PIR motion sensor will save over 90% of operational energy usage. They remain in standby (sensing) mode and still emit 10% of their total light output (or up to 40%)


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Comparisons Between LED Tubes And Fluorescent Tubes

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The Purpose Of Using LED Lights

Nowadays, more and more people are talking about the hot topics of energy saving, on the purpose of protecting our planet which is being dried up. At the same time, people are aiming to save as much as money that is rolling out from their pockets under the current economics situation.

Among those subjects, LED lighting is no doubt to be one of the efficient ways to conserve energy and money. There have been many different types of led lighting fixtures available on the current market to replace the traditional “old-style” lighting fixtures. Most of the led lights are designed to have the same interface as that of the traditional lighting fixtures, on the purpose of fitting the led lights into the existing fixtures.



T8 tube with Microwave Motion Sensor

The Design Of LED Tubes

However, in fact, this is really not rational and scientific designs. In order to cater to the existing fixtures, the designs of LED lamps have been greatly hampered. For example, most of the LED globe light bulbs are still having old lamp base like E27 or B22 etc. However, such lamp bases are actually not good options for the led light bulbs when considering the heat dissipation issues which is crucial in the design of led lighting fixtures. In a E27 or B22 style LED bulb, the LED driver is being placed in a very limited space, which is not good for heat dissipation at all. However, such kind of designs are involuntary as the primary issue is the consumers. Only the consumers are willing to use, LED lights can move forward. As a result, easy installation has to be considered during the development of the led lighting fixtures. Therefore, this is considered to be some kind of compromise.

LED tubes would be a product of one of such compromises. LED T8 tubes follow the traditional T8 fluorescent tubes, using G13 standard interface and pins. So that the led tubes can be used to replace the conventional fluorescent tubes very easiy.

In addition to the exact same interface, the length of the LED tubes have to be consistent with the old-styled fluorescent tubes. Thus, the typical length of the led tubes you can see would be 600mm (2ft), 900mm (3ft), 1200mm (4ft), 1500mm (5ft), 2400mm (8ft). In most of the countries and areas, 600mm (2ft) and 1200mm (4ft) tubes are commonly seen. But in some countries, 1.5m (5ft) tubes can be seen more often, for instance, in the UK. In Japan, many factories or commercial buildings are using 2.4m (8ft) tubes for lighting. LED tubes follow the rules too.

The Efficiency

There are some advantages of using led tubes to replace fluorescent tubes, among the key points, energy saving is of course a crucial one. With high efficiency, LED tubes can consume about 40% of electricity to provide equivalent light output to a fluorescent tube. The typical replacements would be: 8-10W LED tube to replace 20W fluorescent tube; 16-18W LED tube to replace 40W fluorescent tube; 24-26W LED tube to replace 60W LED tube, and etc. And as a matter of fact, in pratice, the LED tubes have better performances than the conventional fluorescent tubes. And as the LED technologies developing, the advantage of LEDs will be bigger and bigger. efficiency will be higher and higher. One should not be surprised if one day, you are told that a 40W fluorescent tube can be replaced by a 4W LED tube. But of course, when that day comes, the fluorescent tubes had long been wiped out and become a exhibit in the museum.

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The Working Lifespan

The working lifespan of a traditional fluorescent tube is around 5,000 hours. In pratice, one fluorescent tube needs to be replaced not longer than one year if the tube is working for long hours every day. Plus, frequent switching can easily damage a fluorescent tube. While, it is not difficult for a decently designed LED tube to be working longer than 30,000 hours, and even longer. And, frequent switching is not an issue to LED tubes.

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The Light Quality

The light source types of fluorescent tubes and LED tubes are different, one is multi-directional light source, and the other is directional light source. As a result, all directions around a fluorescent tube are lighting up in the same degree when a fluorescent tube is turned on; while, led tubes are more concentrated, you will find the front of a led tube is the brightest, and the back of it is much be darker. This is also the reason why LEDs are more efficient, as much light as the fluoresent lamps do.

The colour temperature of a traditional fluorescent tube is typically 6500K, that is called cold white. While for LED tubes, the colour temperature usually could be from 2500 to 7000K. The most commonly seen light colour temp is 2800 to 3300K which is known as “warm white”, 4000-5000K which is known as “neutral white” and 5500-6500K which is known as “cold white” (or “cool white”).

The typical CRI (Color Rendering Index, “a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reproduce the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source” – definition by Wikipedia.) of conventional fluorescent tubes is around 65. While, LED’s CRI can be from 70 to 85 and even higher. Higher CRI enables LED tubes to have better performance of reproducing the colour of the objects.

Know more about LED Tubes.


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Why choose tForce LED

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It’s not often you can predict with absolute certainty that a product will dominate its market, but LED lighting is an exception to the rule. LED lights are more efficient, both in terms of energy and cost, they last longer, they are safer, more versatile and are easier to use.

At tForce LED, we recognise the importance of this growing market and want to provide reliable, top-quality service to customers who are switching to LED. To prove it, we’ve listed five customer guarantees to illustrate why you should shop with us.

1. Excellent product quality
We work exclusively with accredited manufacturers producing top of the range LED bulbs. We have fostered close relationships with our manufacturers so that we can stay up-to-date with their processes, technology and output. As such, we can guarantee that if you shop with us you will get the best products on the market.

2. Product variety
We understand that businesses, offices and individuals have diverse lighting needs that have often not been met in the traditional light bulb market. We offer a wide range of products, including bulbs, tube lights and spotlights, with different strength, tone and brightness. Additionally, we encourage you to get in touch if you’re not sure what product you require or if you don’t see what you need. We will do our best to provide a custom service to fulfil your request.

3. Helpful, highly-trained staff
We ensure that all our employees receive continuous training and updates so that they understand the technology they’re dealing with and can advise customers appropriately. We also carefully select our team and demand excellence in the area of customer service, so that we can promise you a pleasant shopping experience.

4. Good value
We assure our customers that we are providing them with the ideal balance of cost and quality. We do not have the cheapest products on the market, but that’s because we refuse to sell shoddy products. We will offer you the best bulbs at reasonable, affordable prices.

5. Free delivery
We offer free delivery on orders over £75 anywhere within England or the UK. LED bulbs are a long-term investment, lasting up to ten years. It makes sense to bulk buy your supply and we will reward you by delivering them to your door for absolutely nothing.

If you have any questions or recommendations about our service, please contact us. We are always happy to hear from members of our community.

LED Online Shop Launch Today 17 April

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tForce Lighting Ltd, one of the leading and most respected suppliers of LED lighting, has announced that from today, customers can purchase products through a dedicated online shop.

Tforce Lighting is one of the pioneers of the LED lighting industry and has a reputation for adapting the very best LED technology to provide customers with cost effective solutions that are both inventive and attractive. The provision of their new online shop will therefore be welcomed by clients both old and new.

For those who are usually apprehensive about purchasing online, they should have no concerns. Tforce Lighting’s new online store is exceptionally well designed, efficient, attractive, secure and very easy to use. As one would expect from one of the leading companies in the LED lighting sector, the choice and quality of the products available from the online shop are both superb.

The continuing excellent quality of the Tforce Lighting products is achieved by working directly with quality accreditation manufacturer partners. This allows the company to influence both the design and production process of items. As a result, Tforce have no problem developing LED lighting projects that match the requirements of their customers exactly.

Fully aware of the importance placed upon social networking in today’s expanding market and to celebrate the launch of their new online shop, Tforce Lighting are offering a massive 40% pre-grand opening discount for Facebook and Twitter users. The company has its own Twitter tag, @tForce_Lighting and also publishes a blog at https://tforceled.wordpress.com

One element of the business that has made Tforce lighting so successful and promoted them to the top of the LED lighting sector is their excellent customer support. The company have a team of experts who already offer advice to ‘real world’ customers and this facility has now been incorporated into the design of the online shop’s website. A dedicated support link enables both existing and prospective clients to contact the team and obtain support and advice at any time before, during or after purchase.

This support facility is yet another example of the customer focused honesty and integrity that is part of the Tforce Lighting ethos, ensuring that customers have exactly what they require for the completion of a successful project, regardless of size, by offering the best and most professional advice possible. It is hard to see how any customer could not be impressed by the dedication and expertise of the Tforce team.

For those taking their first steps into LED lighting, the new Tforce Lighting online shop also includes a comprehensive FAQ link which offers valuable advice, clear explanations and an outline of the benefits of using LED lighting over conventional lighting systems.

When purchasing anything online, efficient delivery and quality assurance are both paramount. Tforce Lighting has this fully covered by offering both a 3 year warranty on its products and free shipping to anywhere in the UK for orders of £75 or more. These additions, together with all the other benefits offered by their new online shop, puts Tforce right at the top of the LED lighting supply and installation league.

Customers can take advantage of Tforce Lighting Ltd’s massive 40% pre-grand opening discount by visiting the new online shop at www.tforceled.co.uk

How many tForce LED customers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

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Don’t worry, we’ll spare you the corny jokes and focus instead on what our products can do for you, your home, your energy bills and your carbon footprint.

LED lighting is still a fairly new industry and many people remain unsure about what it is and whether it has benefits for them. With our new website, we want to open this technology up to the average consumer, giving you the opportunity to purchase top-quality LED bulbs at the best possible prices, as well as providing support and information to our customers. 

Our new site has just gone live and we’re offering a pre-Grand Opening special. With 40% off all products, including LED t8 tubes, LED spotlights, mr16 and gu10 bulbs, this is the perfect opportunity to stock up for all your lighting needs. We also offer free delivery on orders over £75. 

You could be thinking that £75 is a lot of money to spend on light bulbs and in the old world that was true. But LED bulbs use 90% less electricity than traditional filament bulbs. As a result, they have a lifespan of over ten years. Contrast that with having to dash down to the supermarket every month or two to replace a blown bulb. So, even if you make a bigger single investment in our bulbs, over time you will save a huge amount of money. Not to mention avoiding the inconvenience and frustration of blown bulbs. 

But why are LEDs so much more energy efficient? The traditional light bulb depends on a burning filament. That’s why most of us have burned ourselves on a blistering hot bulb at some point. In fact, although they’re described as light bulbs, the primary product of a traditional bulb is heat. Light is simply a by-product. That’s changed with LED lights. Previously, LED was only used for small light fixtures, such as watches, bedside clocks and displays on electronic appliances. The expansion of LED is a huge technological advance, with manifold benefits and tForce wants to share the benefits of the technology with the entire community. 

The energy efficiency of LED bulbs reduces the amount that you have to spend on energy bills, which is essential in an era of rising power costs. They also allow you to make a contribution to reducing carbon emissions and have a greener household. 

When discussing the potential of LED lighting, the primary concern we hear from consumers is aesthetic. We hear people worry that the lights will be duller, not provide the same quality of illumination, or fail to provide a flattering tone of lighting for their homes. 

At tForce we appreciate these concerns and are committed to providing you with top-quality lighting that exceeds the standard of the traditional light bulb. We offer a range of different light fixtures to meet the needs of your home or office, including tube lights, spotlights, embedded ceiling bulbs and candle bulbs. We offer many different wattages and beam angles, as well as different tones, including warm, cool and soft lighting. 

Since this is quite a new technology, mainstream stockists like supermarkets have not entirely made the change to LED lighting. The tForce online store can offer you a matchless range of products, all guaranteed to be of the highest quality. While we do encourage the DIY mentality, we’re also committed to having an excellent sales service. Our customer service team will be happy to advise you on what products are best suited to your needs, as well as sharing information about installation and maintenance.


Are you looking for a cool and directed white light source for your home or work

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If you are looking for a cool and directed white light source for your home or work, one that lasts much longer than old incandescent or fluorescent options, our wide range of cost-effective LED bulbs, Spotlight (MR16 & GU10) and T8 tubes offer a terrific alternative. 

You can quickly add light exactly where you need it for that work project, relaxing hobby or your child’s homework. LED lighting also adds drama and atmospheric highlights to any room. For kinder and longer-lasting light solutions throughout your home or workplace, make the switch to our LED T8 tubes and bulbs. You’ll find all the information you need here tForce LED eStore